Become a wear

Ersi began a research project ‘becoming a space’ to elaborate more on her practice as a host in the pink house. Her role as an artist and co-manager of the space, exploring different models of management and collective (effort) working. To embody those thoughts into practice, she took a (white) sweater and she asked people to draw or write something, then she made them into an embroidery on the sweater. Afterwards, she photocopied the sweater and made it into a zine. Released in Forbidden City (initiative project space, Antwerp) as part of her solo show, ‘become a wear’. 

A5 black and white / copies: 40
Antwerp (BE)
December 2018

Editor, concept: Ersi Varveri Contributions by: Vincent Doreau, Zelie Boubon, Camille Cabonaro, Banana Bill, Felip Laurent, Nina Cosco, Gijs Watsalon, Rien rchellemans, Rufus Mich, Michela Dal Brollo, Jo Caimo, Camille Cluzan, Bram Van Meervelde, Niko Ultravnr, Emma Robertsson, Joud Toamah, randie, Bob Verhelst, Ersi Varveri