Bijlmer – Elephant paths

During a 5-month residency in Bijlmer (Amsterdam), Gijs was inspired by the ‘elephant paths’, ‘paths of desire’ or ‘social paths’ that run in stark contrast through the modernistic pre-planned Bijlmer neighbourhood and its avenues, walkways and cycle lanes. The elephant path refers to the trails that people and/or animals make when they go from point a to point b or by taking an ‘off-road’ detour and so gradually creating a new path. This publication reflects on issues of urban planning, re-wilding the city, and the poetics that can emerge out of this liberation. The zine includes drawings, reflections and a recto-verso fold out imaginary map of the area.

A5 with fold out map A2, variable covers, print offset, blue-bronze, printed in Rietveld Academy (NL)
Amsterdam - Bijlmer (NL)
February 2022

Gijs Waterschoot