PHP #2 – The power to move your business

Theme: neighborhood

pink house press kiosk

To launch our 2nd PHp magazine we decided to create an architectural structure that could host and distribute our zines and magazines, to create space for our library of artist books as well as make a common space where people and publications meet. The construction became a replica of a kiosk (Greek: Periptero) that one can still find in the streets. In these kiosks you can mostly buy beverages, cigarettes, newspapers, chewing gum, etc… in our case we sold zines and magazines.

A4 color / Loose pages / copies: 80
PHAntwerp (BE)
February 2018

Ersi Varveri,
Gijs Waterschoot,
Camille Cluzan


With contributions by:
Karina Beumer,
Willem Coenen,
Cosmopolite inc,
Olga Evangelidou,
Giannis Galiatsos,
Maika Garnica,
Alexis Gautier,
Harry Heirmans,
Erin Helsen,
Constantine Lianos,
Jef Meyer,
Pat McCarthy,
Mathias MU,
An Onghena,
Ria Pacquée,
Mia ryn,
Adrien Tirtiaux,
Luisa Ungar,
Lieven Van Dercruyssen,
Puck Vonk,
ram Watson,
Eleanor Wright,
Ersi Varveri,
Gijs Waterschoot