Still here

Ersi and Lynn collaborate on a project for the group show

Growlers, Cracklers & Bursters, in CIAP Kunstverein, Hasselt BE (2018).

Together they designed and created a rug, from Ersi’s earlier work ‘still there’. When the rug was ready, they photocopied the surface and used the copies as covers for this A5 booklet (zine) that they made together, documenting their ongoing collaboration. Afterwards they placed all copies on the carpet, making a photocopied puzzle – replica of the carpet. All the copies were covering its surface and they were available to visitors of the show. If the copies were all gone, then the carpet could be revealed underneath the copies.


The number of copies was determined by the surface of the carpet: 222 copies.

including a story by Olga Evangelidou

A5 color / copies: 222 variable covers
Antwerp (BE)
May 2019

Editors – Authors: Ersi Varveri and Lynn Depreeuw. Contribution by Olga Evanggelidou