To fly and return
Clementine Marmalade
This year (2021) our production of figs was tremendously small, 
due to the heatwaves in the summer. 
Another fruit friend contributed to us: A 250gr. jar or clementine jam with clementine from 
our trees and saffron that we collected from the surrounding hills!
From May to July the collecting of capers is almost a ‘national sport’ in our place! 
The caper plant is blessing us with those spicy buds that we can use for different recipes during the year.  
–  find a jar of 250gr. hand picked capers, from various locations in Syros! 
Preserved in salt and ready to join your plate!
‘my house, your house, birdhouse’  a zine (a6) with of preparation of this edition and 3 recipes contribution of Aggeliki Psilopoulou. our photocopier Ricoh back in the game, to make this
numbered ed. of 30 
Thinking further about the shipping, came up with a box, 
that serves for packaging and can also have another use afterwards.
* place it somewhere where birds can find it!
box comes with a burning mark of the title to fly and return on the sides, made and designed by Camille Cluzan K1000, especially for this edition
extra hooks and rope to hang it 
and other stamped elements
limited edition 30 Birdhouse-box custom made especially as a shipping box for this edition, with:  • a jar of clementine marmalade with saffron • a jar of capers • a small booklet • stamed cards  - extra hooks and wire.  * burn mark on the birdhouse 'to fly and return'.
Antwerp (be) - Amsterdam (nl) - Syros (gr)
December 2021

pink house press, Camille Cluzan