Window openers

This publication is a collaboration between the artist in residence & Artwell residencies, Neverneverland & the Pink House press.


Published in Amsterdam Bijlmer, February 2022 on the occasion of the final Show Windowopeners  Artwell Residency (Startwell ~ Laarderhoogtweg 18, 1101 EA Amsterdam & Ozo Hotel a bit further)


In this magazine there are posters that grew out of conversations and encounters the residents had with each other. Forming duets, each artist had to interpret the other’s practice in an A3 contribution. On one side you will find a related image and on the other side an interview or interpretation of the conversation between the two.

A4 / color (glossy) / copies 50 / php 101
Amsterdam - Bijlmer (NL)
February 2022

Yu Faujiwara – Árnar Asgeirsson 
Manfredi Coppolecchia – Gijs Waterschoot
Tuna Tuna Boylu – Maikel Deekman 
August Banyte – Ersi Varveri 
Pauline François – Jin Lee 
Oskar Frere Smith – Justine Wesselo
Vedran Kopljar – Fabien Silvestre Suzor 
Sara Zerguine – Philip Angermaier 
Yi Zhang – Kleoniki Stanich
Concept – coordination – design: Ersi Varveri
cover – design: Gijs Waterschoot