a roof to grow

In 2020 we set foot on the island of Syros to build our new base and test various possibilities.
As a first act on our new space, we renovated a 50 sqm building located on a plot of land next to the painting studio of K. Varveris (Ersi’s father). The space was originally built by him to be used as a warehouse and workshop and is gradually being converted into our new studio.


Over time, the tin slate roof was leaking heavily and was about to collapse. It was then that we were motivated to replace the old roof with a new structure.
Following Walter Segal’s building method (using wood and minimal foundations) as well as consulting local builders, we were able to create a structure capable of supporting a roof with locally found materials.
Experimenting further we built a green roof – growing various local plants – as a more sustainable way of insulating (without Styrofoam) from the heat and cold. We made a healthy soil in which native flora can grow and be resilient to periods of drought.

The enclosure has a large patio in the middle of the space and two roof windows on the sides so that more sunlight can enter from above, creating a spacious environment.

view of the space before renovation 2019
five views of the roof from above during the construction. Some of the layers we used to protect the wood, before the soil in the end

construction in progress 

bringing up the structure
layers on the roof
the hatch to come on the roof.
soil mix and vegetation in different times of the year
view of the space inside>roof ready