as soon as possible

Residents of the House choose their plus 1 to participante on the exhibition as soon as possible, either present a piece or start a collaboration.



'As soon as possible', organised in the Pink House, during Antwerp Art Weekend 2017.

Timo van Grinsven - Frederik Lizen,

Mathias MU - Lydia Debeer,

Maika Garnica - Annie Wahlén,

Ersi Varveri - Panos Profitis,

Gijs Waterschoot - Rien Schellemans,

'As soon as possible' was part of Antwerp Art Weekend 2017.
Timo van Grinsven (above) Frederik Lizzen (below).
'Animalsclay' Gijs Waterschoot and Rien Schellemans.

Together they made several clay sculptures of real and imaginary animals, which they placed in various places along the street. Inside the space were binoculars with which visitors could spot the animals between the busy lanes. It was a game between the visitors who were engrossed in spotting the sculptures and the drivers who stood in front of the traffic light and watched the people with binoculars. In the kitchen they showed a video of the process. The animal sculptures were destroyed or washed away by the rain after a few weeks.
view of the animalscray on thee street lights across the window
Maika Garnica asked Annie Wahlén to make a collaboration, the result is a composition of ceramic instruments and objects presented on a blue pedestal on the ground.
Ersi Varveri - Ready Maiden (1st edition) 30 pieces.
Panos Profitis: 'the demon of artist anxiety' and (below): Demagogue
Mathias Mu. Performing in the PH.
Lydia Debeer. 'In languor, I merely wait'