Stargate 63

The last event of the Pink House was dedicated to the moving out of the house at Italiëlei 63, 2000 Antwerp. For over 3 years we organised a variety of events, ranging from exhibitions, talks, book releases, residencies, cinema, concerts, dinners, temporary café’s, etc…


moving out: we see our house as a portal to go somewhere else or to do something else, take a new route.

become mobile.
 The people we asked to contribute were people we worked together with, respected, loved, got to know during our stay in the house. We also found them or their practices closely related to the theme.

It is the 5th contribution ‘mobile exhibition’ format . But in the same time it can also be number 0. The Zero as a new start, the circular number.-


This magazine hosts a variety of crazy prints and very limited editions inside this already limited PHp#0. For example: analog pictures of the house by Vijai Patchinelaam printed on wallpaper (in each edition a different set of pictures and wallpaper). A dinner with over 15 people were they were asked to write or draw on their placemats (some drawn with pen, others with food) which we than afterwards printed on our machine, this you can find in the back of the magazine. A beautifully crafted 9 layer print by Johan Kauth whom masters the photocopymachine like no other. A portal drawing by J.Krissis! A Nice set of drawings by Valgerður Sigurðardóttir, A real portal by Lynn Depreeuw & Rien Schellemans, And so on…!


Hope you enjoy this journey through the Portal!


event: Stakatack, ….

Stargate63, on Portals and Transitions’

edition of 100

release date
February 2020

Gijs Waterschoot
Ersi Varveri

contributions by
Jeroen Bocken
Karina Beumer
Valentine Cernat
Raluca Cotcoriciu
Senne Claes
Christine Clinckx
Camille Cluzan
Julia Dahee Hong
Lynn Depreeuw
Nico Dockx
Baldvin Einarsson
Fluwelen Koord
Andriana Gvozdenovic
Emma Heidarsdottir
Erin Helsen
Heide Hinrich
Johann, Kauth
Bori Kormos
Jef M, Rocio Nosela
Johan Pas
Vijai Patchineelam
Panos Profitis
Bence Rohánszky
Rien Schellemans
Jackson Shallcross-Platt
Valgerður Sigurðardóttir
Daniel Van Espen
Ersi Varveri
Kostas Varveris
Gijs Waterschoot
David Wojtalewicz